Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy at CrossFit 1904

Movement Rx is proud to partner with CrossFit 1904 to provide leading edge Crossfit-specific physical therapy and massage therapy services at CrossFit 1904.  We are huge fans of the careful approach the CF1904 coaches take with members, and are thrilled to partner with them to keep the CF1904 community well.

At Movement Rx, we live and breathe proper movement patterning and specialize in working with CrossFit and other high intensity athletes.  We are Doctors of Physical Therapy who are also CrossFit coaches and our Massage Therapist is a powerlifter with very strong hands.  We uniquely combine human performance and bodywork to allow you to be active at the level you want while removing pain and injury risk. 

Our mission is to help people get better, faster.  That includes both performance (getting better) and pain (getting better).  Whether you are a Navy SEAL, a recreational athlete, or someone looking to simply walk without pain, we focus on improving your movement patterns, eliminating your body’s restrictions, and providing you an injury-free pathway. 

How can we Help?

Movement Rx’s Dr. Amanda DeRosa, DPT and Deborah Kernes, CMT (more on them below) are available for the following:

  • Movement Rx Functional Assessments
  • Evaluations for pain, movement restrictions, or muscle imbalances
  • Treatment of pain, restrictions, and imbalances; rehab for injuries
  • Mobility education through weekly videos and bi-monthly workshops

Email Amanda ( or Deborah ( or call our office at 619-210-0945 to determine your best course of action or to schedule an appointment. 

What to Expect

  • You’ll meet Dr. Amanda or Deborah at CF1904 inside the Suite 113 entrance for your 60 or 90 minute session.
  • Wear what you’d normally wear to 1904 – you’re probably going to sweat.
  • Physical Therapy visits with Dr. Amanda:  The first physical therapy visit is an evaluation to determine the cause of any issues, develop goals, and begin treatment.  After each visit you will receive a personalized program to work on before the next visit.  This program is key to your improvement.  It’s your homework, and Dr. Amanda is not a lenient grader!
  • Massage Therapy visits with Deborah.  You have multiple styles to choose from, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Gua Sha, Cupping, etc. Those visits are 60 or 90 minutes, and there’s a shower available for you if desired.
  • Our goal is to help you achieve in less than 4 visits what you’d normally achieve in 12-20 visits in a traditional physical therapy or chiropractor environment. 
  • We are not the cheapest service around and we do not take insurance*.  But you will very likely spend less with us to fix your issue than anywhere else.

***We do accept TriCare for physical therapy services.  For all others, we can write you what is called a Superbill that you can submit to your health insurer.  You may receive some reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan.  We also accept HSA and FSA.

Amanda DeRosa

Amanda provides the CrossFit 1904 community an expert CrossFitter who is also an expert physical therapist.  Having qualified for the CrossFit Regionals 5 separate times, she understands EXACTLY how to fix and avoid pain and injury in this environment. 

Amanda joined Movement Rx after becoming a fan of our particular approach several years ago.  She is an Arizona native who recently moved to beautiful San Diego with her husband and two young children.  Her love for physical therapy started in high school, after physical therapy helped her overcome multiple soccer injuries.  A killer athlete, Amanda went on to play Division I soccer at Northern Arizona University, where she later graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy in 2007.  

Amanda has an alphabet soup of of certifications, including ASTYM (Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization), CKTP (Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner), CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach), FMS (Functional Movement Screen), SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment).

When not at work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and participating in CrossFit.  She has used CrossFit as her exercise of choice since 2009, and has qualified for the CrossFit Regionals 5 separate times.

For Amanda, the most rewarding part of her job is being able to help people return to their full optimal function, physically and mentally.  Not just baseline, but optimal.  She does this by customizing each session to your needs at that point in your recovery or performance plan.  She loves getting to know her patients and becomes deeply invested in their progress goals. 

Amanda is dedicated to helping patients of Movement Rx reach their full potential, by eliminating pain and moving better!

Be sure to say hello to her when you see her in the gym!

Deborah Kernes

When Movement Rx was seeking a massage therapist, we interviewed dozens before finding someone that fit our standards.  After Deborah gave our founder, Dr. Theresa Larson, a massage as part of the interviewing process, Theresa’s first words were “Hire her!”

Deborah is trained in wide variety of methods, though her deep tissue work is by far the most popular.  She is Thai and Chinese trained, in addition to a more traditional sports orthopedic approach. 

Ask her about what combination would be best for you, and she’ll customize a treatment based on your specific needs and body restrictions.