Wednesday 05/02/18

AMRAP 16:00

45 double unders


12 CTB pull ups

12 calorie row

Notes:  Scale double unders to single unders at a 1:2 ratio.  If the athlete is unable to complete a minimum of 6 kipping HSPU to full depth, have them scale with Abmats/pads underneath. If the athlete does not yet have a handstand, scale to pike push ups.  Chest to bar pull up scaling sequence should be as follows: CTB → pull up → jumping pull up → ring row. If an athlete cannot complete a minimum of 5 CTB pull ups unbroken, have them scale down.

Extra Credit


Tabata Intervals:        

Feet-elevated ring rows   

Hip extensions on GHD


8x2+1 Push press + split jerk; 1 set every 1:30, gradually building to a max


3 sets, each for time of:

100 double unders / Rest 2:00 b/w efforts