Monday 08/06/18 "Cloak and Dagger"

4RFT with a partner:

30 Hang snatch 115/75

30 C2B Pull up


*Partner must hold for other partner to continue reps*

Hang snatch - DB/KB hold 50/53KB and 30/35DB

C2B pull up - Hang on pull up bar

30 HSPU - Handstand hold

*If without a partner, it will be 4 RFT at 15 reps.

Possible weight scales:

95/65, 75/55

Pull up, ring row

Pike push up on box

Extra Credit: Functional Bodybuilding "Bae-Watch"

Week 2 — Tempo/Build

Day 4

Bench press — 5x5 (Tempo 30X1)

Single arm incline dumbbell bench press (4 each side) — 4x10 (Tempo 21X1)

Glute bridge with barbell — 5x15 (Tempo 21X3)

Day 5

Feet elevated ring row — 5 max sets (31X1)

Dumbbell Pullover — 4x12 (Tempo 2121)

GHD sit up (to parallel/strict) — 8x10 (Tempo 33X1)

Day 6

Kang squat (slow and controlled, weight is not the focus) — 5x5

Pause back squat — 4x4 (Tempo 33X3)

Segmented deadlift (pause 2”, knee, top) — 6x5 (Tempo 3131)

Deadlift 4x4 (No tempo)