“This is honestly the best gym”

CrossFit 1904 saved me from a life of boring workouts. Ray and the whole gang taught me to love working out again. This is honestly the best “gym” I’ve ever been to and I recommend it to my friends as often as possible.


“We highly recommend CrossFit 1904”

My wife and I recently did a drop-in while we were visiting San Diego and we absolutely loved our experience. The staff and members were very generous and welcoming and the programming was excellent. We highly recommend CrossFit 1904.

— C.L.

Top notch facility!!! ...I've found my Cross Fit home away from home...I highly recommend this Cross Fit family and box!!!

— B.J.


“Helping me achieve my goal”

When I came back to the gym after having a c-section, Coach Ray asked me what my goal was and I said: I need to do 8 pullups, and we started working on them. Today I did my Physical Fitness Test and I did 8 super strict, all the way up, all the way down, very easy pullups! Thank you, 1904 Coaches for all the training and helping me achieve my goal!

— E.F.

“Welcoming and super nice”

Awesome box! Dropped in on 4th of July and they let my partner and I train for an upcoming competition during their open gym class.  Not only were all the members welcoming and super nice, those doing the same comp. shared some tips with us and the coaches were great! Coaches were coaching, critiquing our movements and showing us how to improve ourselves! :)

— V.I.



Loved by All Athletes