Ever wondered if sleep can in any way affect your gym routine? Well, of course, it can. In fact, research has proven that sleep has a correlation to exercise and that they both impact each other. Individuals who are not getting enough sleep can suffer a reduction in their exercise performance while standing the risk of gaining weight. So, getting a good amount of sleep will make you more productive in the gym.

Get adequate sleep

Never make the mistake of seeing slippers a luxury. Sleep is very important as individuals need it to carry out their daily functions at optimum levels while staying healthy. About one-third of the existence of every human is spent sleeping. If you deprive yourself of adequate sleep, you put yourself at risk of developing chronic diseases like depression, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more. Sleep can help to fight off these diseases by boosting your immune system, as well as, helping in metabolism, learning, etc.

With respect to working out, gym activities are very important. However, the activities that you engage in away from the gym are just as important too. Your diet, drinking habits, and most importantly your sleeping regime is highly essential. Therefore, in order to have a successful exercise routine, you need adequate sleep.


The positive effects of sleep

Of course, you visit the gym for reasons which are to attain cardiovascular health, enhance the mass of your lean muscles, improve your endurance levels, and more. To achieve these goals, you need to sleep. If you are someone who is into regular exercise, then, you actually may require even more sleep than people who do not use the gym, especially, if you engage in highly intense exercise. 

Sleep has the responsibility of replenishing energy levels in your body, and it is only rational that the more intense the exercise you engage in is, the more the amount of sleep that you need. This goes to say that without sleep, you will not derive maximum benefits from exercise. Inadequate amounts of sleep will only undermine your body. Some of the essential things that sleep does include –

  • Giving your body ample recovery time

  • Energy conservation

  • Muscle buildup after workout sessions

  • Muscle repair after exercise

  • Enhancing growth hormone production

During childhood, as well as, adolescence growth is spurred by the growth hormone and as we age, the growth hormone assists in the build-up of lean muscle while helping the body to repair itself after getting torn up from hard workouts. In order to attain athletic recovery, the growth hormone is very important, and sleep helps in its production.


In order to restore the immune system, as well as, the endocrine system, sleep is highly essential. The endocrine system has the responsibility of producing and spreading very key hormones such as testosterone, as well as, the growth hormone or through your body. Additionally, sleep helps to regulate the functioning of your brain. Non-REM sleep is known to maximize protein synthesis and helps to mobilize free fatty acids which supply energy to the body. This helps to repair your muscles which got broken down while working out.

Over 30% of humans are not getting enough sleep which, according to the recommendations, is about 7 to 8 hours every night for adults. This implies that millions of persons are sabotaging every one of their fitness goals by not getting enough sleep.

Sleeping better will help your gym performance

When you get adequate rest, your body functions better, including your mind. This will translate into better performance at the gym. Getting enough sleep is connected to helping you find the motivation to adhere to your gym routines and to visit the dream the next day. When you sleep more, you are likelier to complete your exercise regimen. 

Adequate sleep will do more than just provide you with the drive and the energy that you need to workout maximally. It will, also, positively affect your concentration, your mood, and improve your focus which will help you to be more efficient while working out. Getting enough sleep will help enhance your stamina while helping you to perform to your full capacity in the gym.



It is that time of the year once again where the excitement of the New Year comes upon us. 2018 has no doubt been a year of many events and many changes in people’s lives. If you have loved the way the year has gone and would like to make 2019 go even better, you are probably considering setting a New Year resolution.

A New Year resolution does not mean that you would automatically change for the better. However, it means that you are finally ready to sit down and deal with some of the flaws or issues in your life. There are many ways in which one can go about it. Sometimes, that can really determine how your whole resolution goes. If you are at crossroads about making a resolution, it may be wise for you to consider these three tips. They are all you really need to make sure that those resolutions you make would stick around until 2020! Here are the three important tips:

  • PREPARING MENTALLY: it is said that every battle which you are going to have to undertake in this life is going to start in your head. Hence, when preparing yourself, the first thing which you would need to do is to prepare yourself mentally for the task which you would no doubt have to face. Here are some of the things which would prepare you mentally:

_Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve!_ - Napoleon Hill (1).png
  • SETTING YOUR RESOLUTION: it is very normal to feel the vibe and the fire of enthusiasm that comes with the New Year. That fire can make you believe you can achieve even the most impossible thing. When trying to set your resolutions, you have to remember that it is important to always go for goals which are attainable and realistic. Going for a goal which would not be attained would only make you feel like you can never make anything work out just right. However, when you stick to goals which can be managed and tracked, you are already on your way to success.

  • PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE FAILURES: while no one is doomed to fail on some occasions, it is very likely that failures would definitely come your way at some point. Therefore, it is very crucial that you prepare yourself for any mistake or relapse you might have towards your goal. You must also have the right mentality to pick yourself up and continue the journey after a failure has occurred.

  • RECOGNIZE THE ADVANTAGES AND THE DISADVANTAGES: create a list which would show you the benefit which you stand to get if you manage to stick with your resolve. In that same list, create a list showing all the obstacles which you would face if you are not able to stick with your New Year resolution. This would help you to keep you motivated going into the New Year.

  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS: friends and family can be a good source of strength when you are in this type of situation. Choose someone you are comfortable with and share your resolution with them. They may just be the strength you need to keep your resolution going. 

  • WORK HARD: hard work is one of the main determinants of achieving success in this world. Without working hard, you are more likely to end up in repeated failure. Here are some ways in which you can work hard:

  • STAY DISCIPLINED: staying discipline requires more work that you can think. It is always easier to fall back to a habit which you are already used to. Staying on course throughout a year requires some willpower and immense determination. Staying discipline would literally decide if your resolution goes as planned or it falls apart halfway through.

  • CONSISTENCY AND PRACTICE: no matter how tough things may be, you would have to endure. The only that you can make a new action a habit is to have endurance and a truckload of patience. It has been estimated that new things become habits to us after we do it for 21 days. Therefore things are bound to get better when we stick to our initial plan for an extended period of time. We would surely see the benefits then.

  • PROGRESS AND THE FINISH LINE: the last thing which you would have to settle would be checking your progress to ensure that you get to the final line in less than no time. Here are some ways in which you can make this happen:

  • SET MICRO GOALS: while it is always good to have the big picture in your head, you should also ensure that you find a way to break what you have to achieve next year in smaller sizes in order to make it easier to achieve. For example, you could set a personal goal which you hope to meet before the end of the first quarter and another for the end of the second quarter and so on. This would give you a good idea of what you are doing and the progress which you are making.

  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: one last thing. You would need to make sure that you track the progress which you are making. You can do this by setting up a timeline which would show you where you started and how far that you have gone. This timeline would allow you to see how far you have come and would also give you the much-needed confidence that you would need going forward.


The New Year is a time which some enter with renewed belief that things might just be better for people this year. It is also a time where you plan how you want your year to go. Making a New Year resolutions is one way in which you can make your planning come true. However, try to make your goals as realistic as possible. If you do not make them realistic, you could spend your year chasing unattainable goals. 

Top Places to Run in San Diego


Top Places to Run In San Diego

Basically, all runners, new or pros, love a great scenic view when running. You want to see mountains, beaches, and lakes while you run. Luckily, for people who reside in San Diego or are visiting, the list of scenic places to run are endless. 

With the sun shining for most days of the year, the captivating mountain views, lush fields, and amazing beaches, you wouldn’t want to stop running! If you’re wondering where exactly these scenic places are, here is a comprehensive list of top places you can and should go for a run in San Diego. 

  • Sunset Cliffs

Sunset cliffs in the Point Loma community, San Diego, is one of the best places to go for a run. The cliff right on the side of the ocean, stretches for miles, giving you as many miles as you need for your run. The cliff is also windy, providing you with a great atmosphere for your run. 

When running, you can enjoy the breathtaking view which serves as a great motivation. Sunset Cliffs is also a top running spot because you can also choose to hike down the cliffs after a run. At the end of it all, you can rest atop the cliff and enjoy the view or go for a quick swim in the ocean. 

  • Lake Murray

Lake Murray is definitely one of the top places to go for a run in San Diego. The trail is long and smooth, right between a mountain and the lake. It’s usually a very peaceful place to run. You also get to enjoy a very scenic view of the skies meeting up with the water in a distance. 

Along the running trails are beautiful flowers which can boost your morale during your run. The water and view also have a calming effect after your run and you can be sure to want to hang around for a few minutes before packing up to head back home.

  • Coronado Beach

Considering it’s names as one of the finest beaches in the Americas, it’s only ideal that Coronado beach is a great place for a run. The beach has lovely white sand which is just as good for lounging as it is for running. You can begin your run from the end of the road close to Hotel Del Coronado and get a four mile run down at the end of the beach. 

For a little challenge, you can spend more time running on the beach sand. Sunrise and sunset are the best times of the day to enjoy an amazing view of the beach so you can schedule your workout between those periods.

  • Mission Bay Boardwalk

Another top place to run is along Mission Bay Boardwalk. Mission Bay Boardwalk is near Belmont Park and gives you miles and miles of workout with a great view in the mix. You can begin the run from Mission Bay down to Crystal Pier and if you feel like adding some more miles, you can head down to La Jolla. 

If you prefer running in the company of people, this place is a great option. The route is always filled with runners, joggers, strollers and other people just going about their usual businesses. After your run, there are a lot of spots where you can stop by for ice-cream or coffee. 

  • Torrey Pine State Reserve

Torrey Pine State Reserve has one of the biggest landscapes along South California with 2,000 acres. The park is a great place for all kinds of athletic activities from running to hiking. For runners with little experience, the park has trails which are quite easy to run on. 

You can also choose to walk to the top and then run back down to the base for a little twist to your workout. While running in the evenings, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset from the park.

  • Balboa Park

Balboa Park is known in San Diego for its fun event centers like museums and botanical gardens. It’s also a great place to go for a run. The park has a very long trail of over 60 miles with a lot of different route options for you to choose from. 

You can decide to jog along the buildings or close to the woods. One of the best things about Balboa Park is that it provides you with a lot of running options. You can make a plan to change running routes each time and still get a good run at all times. 

  • Fiesta Island Park

If you enjoy taking your dog on runs with you occasionally, Fiesta Island park is definitely a great option for you. The park is great for day time runs with its five mile hike. Apart from running, there are a ton of other activities to be carried out in the park such as water skiing and kayaking. 

Its trail is also a big loop so you can run for a longer mile than the 5 miles it has provided. While running you can also enjoy a scenic view or watch horse owners ride around with their horses.

  • Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument is a great place for a short run with great views of Point Loma and the bay. Starting from the old lighthouse, the trail provides you with a 2.5 mile run. If you want to add climbing to your workouts, there is a 240ft climb in elevation. After your run, you can stop at the Liberty Public Market for some food and drinks.

With all these amazing running points and sceneries available in San Diego, running on a treadmill should be out of the question. The favorable weather all year long, combined with long mile trails and sidewalks are signs you should never have to carry out your workouts indoors. If you weren’t big on running in the past, give it a try in any of these places and watch yourself fall in love with running!

Five Reasons Why You Should Start Running:


We all have heard the benefits of exercise and how good it can be for our body. There are many exercises that we can all get used to but have you ever wondered if there was only one exercise you can choose from, which would be the most effective? Most would choose a back squat or a thruster but, what about running? That's right, running is a form exercise that is highly beneficial for the entire body. It works miraculously and in ways you can't imagine. Take a look at these five reasons why you should start running today!

1. Stress Management:

Today's world is a tough place to live in. We are too much involved in our daily lives that many of us suffer anxieties and stresses beyond our imaginations. Running can be a great tool that can be used to reduce stress in the most amazing forms. When your body is put under the physical pressure, your brain releases endorphins, which puts you in the brightest of moods. Starting the day with a run can set you up for a great day. 

2. Actively Prevents High Blood Pressure:

When you're running, your arteries are contracting and expanding. This exercise of the arteries keeps them fit and can actively help in high blood pressure prevention. You will start feeling the difference even after the first few days.


3. Losing Weight:

A great way to lose weight is through running. You lose weight because you burn calories and the most effective way to burn a ton of calories is through running. The average person who runs a mile in 10 minutes burns around 114 calories! Consider even running while fasted. 

4. Strengthens the Immune System:

One of the best reasons to start running is that it prevents diseases as it strengthens your immune system. Running increases the strength of your immune system so that you can fight diseases effectively.


5. It Boosts your Confidence:

It's a great confidence booster. Running gives you motivation and confidence in ways you can't imagine. After all, it requires a lot of strength and stamina to get up every day to go for a run.

These were the five reasons you should start running today. And once you do start running, you'll be in for a surprise as there are a ton of other reasons that you can only know about once you start running!

Top 5 Reasons To Try CrossFit

CrossFit consists of constantly varied functional movements which include weightlifting, indoor rowing, and full body exercises along with running and swimming. Most fitness programs include CrossFit training and the sessions are often timed or scored such that the individual is able to warm up before their workout. CrossFit training is mostly practiced because:

  • It is fun

Unlike the usual workout schemes, CrossFit allows the individuals to indulge into light training. Rather than the rigorous workout which is usually a part of the training programs, CrossFit is a fun activity allowing the body to warm up before the actual workout begins.

  • It has a measurable progress

Many CrossFit Trainers recommend keeping a journal or smart phone app to keep a track of the progress being made. As many activities included in CrossFit can be scored, the individual can easily keep a tab on the score they earn and thus work accordingly. Rather than indulging in the same monotonous routine for their workout, the trainee can work harder to improve their scores and have a better outcome. Being a light form of training, CrossFit allows the individual to yield greater results with significantly easy workout form.

  • Leads to a healthy lifestyle

Rather than surrounding yourself with the fitness people, communicating and hanging out with CrossFit trainers and individuals allows the person to learn to live a healthy lifestyle by altering their routine marginally. Rather than completely transforming their lifestyle, the addition of CrossFit is sufficient to bring about a healthy change in the individuals life.



  • Increases energy

While the rigorous workout leaves the individual drained and tired, CrossFit works to increase their energy and help build up their stamina. Immediately jumping into workout programs, it is advisable to indulge into CrossFit training to build up greater stamina. This allows the individual to remain active throughout the day and carry out their daily activities in an improved way.

  • Relatively inexpensive

With the world being taken away by the fitness frenzy, workout and fitness programs have become highly expensive, therefore it is better to indulge into CrossFit training as they not only prepare the individual for the rigorous training but are also inexpensive as compared to other fitness programs. Rather than spending huge amount of money on workout programs, it is recommended to start with a cheaper program which may provide the similar advantages and benefits.