Five Reasons Why You Should Start Running:


We all have heard the benefits of exercise and how good it can be for our body. There are many exercises that we can all get used to but have you ever wondered if there was only one exercise you can choose from, which would be the most effective? Most would choose a back squat or a thruster but, what about running? That's right, running is a form exercise that is highly beneficial for the entire body. It works miraculously and in ways you can't imagine. Take a look at these five reasons why you should start running today!

1. Stress Management:

Today's world is a tough place to live in. We are too much involved in our daily lives that many of us suffer anxieties and stresses beyond our imaginations. Running can be a great tool that can be used to reduce stress in the most amazing forms. When your body is put under the physical pressure, your brain releases endorphins, which puts you in the brightest of moods. Starting the day with a run can set you up for a great day. 

2. Actively Prevents High Blood Pressure:

When you're running, your arteries are contracting and expanding. This exercise of the arteries keeps them fit and can actively help in high blood pressure prevention. You will start feeling the difference even after the first few days.


3. Losing Weight:

A great way to lose weight is through running. You lose weight because you burn calories and the most effective way to burn a ton of calories is through running. The average person who runs a mile in 10 minutes burns around 114 calories! Consider even running while fasted. 

4. Strengthens the Immune System:

One of the best reasons to start running is that it prevents diseases as it strengthens your immune system. Running increases the strength of your immune system so that you can fight diseases effectively.


5. It Boosts your Confidence:

It's a great confidence booster. Running gives you motivation and confidence in ways you can't imagine. After all, it requires a lot of strength and stamina to get up every day to go for a run.

These were the five reasons you should start running today. And once you do start running, you'll be in for a surprise as there are a ton of other reasons that you can only know about once you start running!